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Movies/DVDs We Watched - July 16, 2008

231. Peach Girl (Super Pop Love Hurricane) - Vol. 6
232. Peach Girl (Super Pop Love Hurricane) - Vol. 5
233. Planetes - Volume 2 (2 Disc Special Edition)
234. My Young Auntie
BackCover Summary: A Shaw Brothers classic way ahead of its time, My Young Auntie is a young woman who marries the dying patriarch of a martial arts family in order to save the inheritance from evil relatives - even if she has to fight them herself! With a kung fu heroine, spectacular fighting sequences, slapstick comedy, and even a swashbuckling swordfight or two, this film has everything martial arts fans could wish for.
235. Planetes - volume 3 (Episodes 11 - 14)


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