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Movies We Watched: Jan. 29, 2008

50. Highlander: The Final Dimension

Movies We Watched - Jan. 26 - 27, 2008

The rainy weather means more inside time and more games and movies Plus a lot of Library Videos came off of hold yesterday and were picked up.

43. Samurai Champloo - Volume 1
44. Zatoichi(The Blind Swordsman) Episode 2 - The Tales of Zatoichi Continues (Zoku Zatoichi Monogatari)

More about the Zatoichi series (from back cover): With 26 film sequels and upwards of 100 TV episodes. Shintaro Katsu is the legendary Zatoichi! He's a low ranking blind masseur who lives by the Yakuza code and answers his foes with a deadly cane sword. By far, one of Japanese cinema's most time-honored screen personas. Zatoichi is, to this day, the ultimate anti-hero and champion of the common man

45. Karas: The Prophecy
46. Dora-Heita (A library Loan)

More about Dora-Heita (from back cover): Koheita (Koji Yakusho) is a samurai with such a reputation for debauchery that his nickname is "Dora-Heita" (Alley Cat), so his appointment as magistrate of the most corrupt township in all of law... But little does everyone knwo that it's all a carefully constructed front to outwit the criminals and outfight the righteous samurai who think he's too disgraceful to live!

47. End Game
48. Fighting Spirit: The First Step (Anime)
49. Azumi - The Movie

-Movie Watcher

Movies We Watched - Jan. 24 - 25, 2008

39. Sennen-Tabito (well we tried, need to use All Region DVD Player - luckily we own it)
40. Tokyo Mafia: Yakuza Wars
41. 300
42. Long Vacation (Complete Series)

It was my second viewing of Long Vacation and I would watch it again. I really enjoy that series. From beginning to end.

Movies We Watched: Jan. 23, 2008

38. Yasujiro Ozu's Equinox Flower (Library Loan)

Movies we watched - Jan. 22, 2008

36. Princess Yang Kwei Fei (Library Loan)
37. Host

Movies we Watched: Jan. 19-20, 2008

34. Jubei Chan: The Ninja Girl - Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch (completed Series)
35. Mortal Kombat

Movies We Watched - Jan. 18, 2008

30. Tokyo Friends
31. 47 Ronin (finished up so we can return to library)
32. Madea's Family Reunion
33. Jubei Chan: The Ninja Girl - Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch

Movies we Watched: Jan. 17, 2008

28. Dae Jang Geum (episode 6) - can't wait to check out the rest.
29. The 47 Ronin

Movies We Watched: Jan. 16, 2008

27. Dae Jang Geum aka Jewel in the Palace(episode 4)

25. Screaming Ninja aka Wang Yu, King of Boxing
26. Dae Jang Geum (episode 4)

I would highly recommend Dae Jang Geum Korean Drama series. We are watching the DVD from the library and really enjoying it.

Definitely has the "it" factor

Angelina Jolie


Did some camping this weekend but was also able to fit in a few movies.

22. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (play) - DVD
23. Madea's Family Reunion - DVD
24. Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Library Loan)

I've mentioned before that I get a lot of videos/dvds from the library. I usually place the videos on hold online and then the County of LA mails out a notice that it arrives. The holds are free and you get to keep the movie for 7 days. So even if you are a family on a budget, there are always options. Try it.

Movies We Watched: Jan. 10, 2008

21. Meet the Browns

Movies We Watched: Jan. 9, 2008

18. Sansho The Bailiff
19. Chunhyang (Library)
20. Meet the Browns (play) - DVD

Movies We Watched - Jan. 8, 2008

14. The President's Last Bang (County of Los Angeles Public Library)

From the back cover of The President's Last Bang:
A "wildly funny whirlwind of anarchy, violence and sex" (New York Magazine), The President's Last Bang depicts the brutal reality and ensuing chaos of a political coup with unapologetic frankness, unexpected humor and unrelieved intensity. Imaginatively recreating the 1979 assassination of South Korean President Park Chung-hee, writer-director Im Sang-soo dares to make complex, realistically neurotic hcharacters out of the most polarizing figures in modern Korean political history....

(skip a bunch of stuff)

Sang-soo's coolly dynamic camera reveals the most scandalous 24 hours in twentieth century Korean memory with fluid grace and uncommon skill, and his cast anchors The President's Last Bang's remarkable mix of expose, tragedy and farce with keenly observed characterizations. It is contemporary Asian cinema at its most courageous, audacious and insightful.

15. Sansho The Bailiff - County of Los Angeles Public Library
16. Why Did I Get Married (play) - DVD
17. Madea Goes to Jail (play) - DVD

What Movies would you recommend

We own or get most of the movies we watch from the library. Any recommendations?

Movies we watched

January 6, 2008

11. Madea's Class Reunion

January 7, 2008
12. Madea's Class Reunion (finish up)
13. I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Movies we watched - Jan. 5, 2008

10. Angels Without Wings

Movies we watched - Jan. 4, 2008

8. Miracle World (15th Anniversary Edition) - finished up
9. Live Free or Die Hard (loan from brother)

Movies we watched - Jan. 3, 2008

7. Miracle World (15th Anniversary Edition)

Movies we watched - Jan. 2, 2008

4. Secret Adventures: SNAG-I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas (VHS)
5. Jingle All The Way (VHS)
6. The Little Drummer Boy (VHS) fell asleep on it

Movies we watched - Jan. 1, 2008

1. Rush Hour 3 (loan from relative)
2. 2009 Lost Memories (library)
3. Screaming Ninja aka Wang Yu, King of Boxing

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