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Trailer for Mongol

So what is your choice?

Weekend Viewings: 3/28-3/30/2008

108. The George McKenna Story
109. Rush Hour

Movies We Watched: March 26, 2008

106. Sister Act
107. Witch Hunter Robin

Movie Watching on 3/22-3/25/08

103. Jason's Lyric
104. Boiling Point
105. Witch Hunter Robin

Movies We Watched - March 21, 2008

99. Dr. Strangelove (yep more than 1 day)

Also from the library we were fortunate to check out The Charles Burnett Collection which included

100. Killer of Sheep (1977)
101. My Brother's Wedding (1983 Version & 2007 Director's Cut)
102. Quiet as Kept (a short on Hurricane Katrina)

Movies We Watched - March 19-20, 2008

97. New Jack City
98. Dr. Strangelove

Movies We Watched - March 18, 2008

94. The Five Heartbeats
95. Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Watching Sister Act 2, made me a bit sad. I see pictures of Lauryn Hill now and I often wonder what happened in her life to get her to where she is today.

96. The Christmas Card

92. Hoop Dreams
93. Men In Black

Top Movies - Theatrical Release - US

February 29 - March 2, 2008
1. 10,000 B.C.

2. College Road Trip

3. Vantage Point

per 3/11/2008

We watched Crooklyn again

You know everytime I watch this movie. I'm hooked. The performances are so good and that little girl acts her butt off. Take time to watch it - you won't be disappointed.

Oh and the soundtrack....I fall in love with the songs all over again.


Imdb Widget - Recently Watched DVDs/VHS

89. Love Ain't Sup0pose to Hurt
90. The Fabric of a Man
91. Witch Hunter Robin (disc 1)

87. Devil in a Blue Dress
88. The Descent

Movies We Watched - Feb. 29, 2008

85. The Eel
86. 321 Penguins! - Runaway Pride at Lightstation Kilowatt

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